Formwork Management Sytem

How this helps in reducing hours of your comparison work.

what is pick to lightOur Formwork Management System?

It is a recoverable modular panels optimised for the construction of slabs with concrete finishes. However, these formwork comes in large quantities.

A typical project ranges from 1000m2 - 2000m2. With these project, it could comprise of thousands of pieces used for wall panels, beams, decks mand many more.

Our system takes off from the designer autocad drawing file. It all begins here. Our system helps the production to plan how much existing stocks can be used based on the take off file.

Our system prompts you how much you need to fabricate new and how much you could retrieve from the warehouse. Direct comparison, wastage, morphing and modifications are some of the features of our system. Some of our customers have spent hours to attempt this procedure in Microsoft Excel only to be met with lower productivity.

Our system simply handles all your comparison work.

To touch the tip of the iceberg, our system handles raw materials, barcode printing, labelling, redundancies, shipping, quality control and also comparison against stock that is currently being stored on customer site. Please contact us to find out more.

Here's what some of our customers has to say.

Pat Gorham (COO MFE Group of Companies)
"With the use our Viacron II system, tasks are done much quicker. Reports which took hours to generate are done at a single click of a button. Our productivity has improved a lot since the implementation of the Viacron II system."
Ivan Teh( MD, TAC System Formworks)
"We have now replaced our old system by using the comparison technology formed by Fluoluxus Solutions. Saved us hours of work. It is just great!""