About Fluoluxus

Who we are and what we believe in.

ceoFounder & Chief Executive

David Chan is the Founder and CEO of Fluoluxus Solutions Sdn. Bhd. A company focused in solving day to day warehouse inventory problems. After being in the industry for nearly two decades, David truly believes that the driving force behind a successful company is mindset. David is a goal setter, constantly pushing for results and knows what it takes to get things moving.

David founded the company in 2013 and since then, the company has been awarded the best new partner award, top partner award by prestigious companies like Motorola, Zebra and Ingrammicro. In 2015, David has brought the startup company from zero networth to a company today exceeding RM 1 million in sales turnover annually. Fluoluxus today has project footprints implemented all over Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand.

The Team

The teamwork makes the dreamwork. We believe in working together and being in a family together. Each member plays a vital role in the organization.

Company Trip 2022


The name “Flow-lux-us” is a combination of 2 latin words. Overflowing Luxury and Abundance.

We offer software solutions. There is always a solution to every problem. Our focus, solving day-to-day warehouse problems with the use of technology.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as the preferred go-to partner for software solutions. Through fair competition, our dream is to see our solutions impact the warehouse logistics industry for a hundred years.

Our Uniqueness

We believe that every prospect should be given the opportunity to experience our solutions. We follow through. We ensure that our solutions grow together with the customer. We believe that every prospect should have a perfect fit solution.